Lighthouse Global Studios

Lighthouse Global Studios is a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church that serves as the media arm  of Lighthouse Baptist Church, tasked with reaching the world with the Gospel through media. The weekly capturing and streaming is only a small part of the impact LGS makes. With more than two dozen languages recorded, LGS works to disseminate Gospel preaching via internet, tv and radio, worlwide. 

LGS is looking to partner with you in several ways:

1. Your prayers for this important ministry are coveted.

2. We are always looking for preachers who want to record the message of salvation in their language.

3. We are dedicated to getting these messages to the different language groups of the world, in the best method for each people group. Your financial support is  appreciated.

4. Each Sunday service, LGS works hard to make sure the messages preached at Lighthouse Baptist Church are produced and sent out in a professional manner. Volunteers are always needed to help with cameras, sound equipment, video switchers and other technology.